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Garden Beds

Lightweight Raised Beds for the Garden

EarthMark™ metal raised garden beds are a perfect blend of style and function. Their raised beds are made from hot-dip galvanized steel that will not warp, crack, or rot. They can even be recycled at the end of their service life.

Our raised planters and beds make estate-quality gardens easy and affordable for all. The beds come in Low (10") or High (17") sidewalls to accommodate different types of plants. The planters and beds are amazingly lightweight and easy to carry to your garden site, but once assembled, they provide a sturdy container that looks great and lasts for years!

Building Larger Beds (the System)


There are two methods to building large beds. Please be aware that the final assembled dimensions are different.

Adjacent: Beds can be joined end-to-end to form larger assemblies. This will create modular beds with full divider walls, which will need to be watered individually.

Extension Sets: High and Low extension sets can be used to increase the length of any bed. Cross braces are included and used at the center to prevent the bed from bowing, while letting moisture spread through the full length. This is a less expensive option than adjacent beds, which can be watered and maintained as one continuous bed.

Up to two extension sets can be used with each bed. For beds longer than 10', it is recommended that a new bed be joined to provide structure. The cross braces are adjustable to work with either the narrow 22" or wide 40" beds.

Note: The cross braces are buried below the soil. Do not till the soil, because it will cause damage to the tiller and/or bed.

Garden Bed Sizes

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Now here's the fun part. Combinations of small and large beds can be stacked or nested to create two-tiered beds as garden and landscape accents. The top upper level can be supported by the cross braces for extended beds, or for single beds, they can be stacked on some blocks to support the four corners of the upper level and filled with soil. Our estate quality gardens are easy and affordable for all.

Bed Products

We are proud to offer Bajo (Low) Series Beds with 10" sidewalls. We also have the Alto (High) Series Beds with 17" sidewalls, three beds, and extensions.

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