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Tree Diapers

TreeDiaper™ Is an Effective Irrigation System

TreeDiaper™ is a revolutionary new way to care for plants and trees. It is a patented self-maintaining plant hydration system that absorbs over 200 times its weight in water for slow release into the soil below.
It is the first and only product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation, automatic recharging with natural precipitation, and weed control into one low-cost package.

The super slow release rate maintains soil moisture levels, allowing you to stretch out your water supply. The large watering area provides enough moisture for trees and shrubs to survive dry spells—and more importantly, encourages root growth for healthier plants. After all, moist soil absorbs and retains water better; water just runs through over-dry soil. Experience the TreeDiaper™ for yourself.

Product Features

• A Perfect Companion to Rain Barrels & Rain Harvesting Systems
• Makes the Most of Collected Rainwater
• All Season Use, Protects & Hydrates Even During Winter Months
• An Easy Alternative to a Drip Irrigation System
• Automatically Recharges with Rain & Irrigation Water through the Permeable Top Layer
• Durable Woven Polyethylene Shell Will Last for Several Seasons
• Ideal for Remote Locations That Are Difficult to Water
• Made in USA
• No Filling Needed
• Provides Weed Control & Prevents Soil Erosion
• Slow-Release Irrigation Reduces Water Consumption & Loss to Evaporation
• The Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Filling Slowly Releases Water
• Side-by-Side Field Tests That Prove Plants with TreeDiaper™ Grow Faster & Larger than Without One


TreeDiaper™ can be installed dry or wet depending on the season. No matter what season you're installing it in, remember: always install with the black side facing up!

Dry Installations (During Rainy Season)

1. Lay the TreeDiaper™ or Garden Mat black side up, over the soil around plants.
2. Cover with a layer of mulch (optional).
3. TreeDiaper™ will automatically absorb rain and irrigation water.

Wet Installation (Recommended for Best Results)

1. Soak TreeDiaper™ in a bucket or wheelbarrow for several hours or overnight, if possible.
2. Place the TreeDiaper™ with the black side up around plants and trees.
3. Cover with mulch if desired.
4. Every time it rains, TreeDiaper™ will automatically recharge.

TreeDiaper™ for Potted Plants

TreeDiaper's™ keyhole design makes it easy to install around existing plants and can be concealed with mulch. This makes it great for frequent travelers and busy professionals, since it allows you to reduce the frequency for routine watering. It also eliminates water stains on the floor.

Available Sizes: (Sold In Twin Packs)

• TD10" for 8-10" Pots
• TD12" for 10-12" Pots
• TD16" for 14-16" Pots
• TD18" for 16-18" Pots
• TD20" for 18-20" Pots

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TreeDiaper Directions

TreeDiaper™ for Trees

Install TreeDiaper™ around new trees to establish healthy root growth and defend against over-dry conditions. Unlike watering bags, the low profile can be covered with mulch for an invisible installation. They are ideal for use in remote locations where watering is not convenient. They're also better looking than watering bags. Don't watch your investment in trees dry and wither due to summer drought and neglect!

Available Sizes:
• TD24" - For trees up to 1.5" caliper (one-piece design with keyhole opening).
• TD36" - For trees up to 3" caliper (two-part design).
• 4TD48" - For trees up to 5" caliper (four-part design for easy handling).

TreeDiaper™ Garden Mats

Whether you have a garden bed, raised bed, or use container gardening, our garden mats make it easy to maintain a healthy, weed-free garden. Additional rows can be planted in between mats if desired.

GardenMat24-1 (Sold In Pairs)

This mat is a 24"x 24" square with a single opening in the center for 22" beds. Two pairs of GM24 -1s can be used for square beds between 40"- 52".

GardenMat24-4 (Sold In Pairs)

This garden mar is 24"x 24" square in size. Each mat has four openings for plants spaced 12" apart. Two pairs of GM24 - 4s can be used for square beds between 40"- 52".

GardenMat40 for 36" to 44" Beds

The GardenMat40 is 40"x 22" with three openings for plants spaced 12" apart. A single mat can be used for 18 - 24" wide beds. The unique weed block edge allows two rows of mats to adjust for 36" to 44" wide beds with a continuous weed barrier between rows. This is a custom size for Earthmark™ raised garden beds.

GardenMat48 for 4' or 8' Long Beds

This mat is 48"x 22" with four openings for plants spaced 12" apart. The unique weed block edge allows two rows of mats to adjust for 36" to 44" wide beds with a continuous weed barrier between rows.

GardenMat9 for 6' to 12' Beds

The GardenMat9 is 72"x 18" with six openings for plants spaced 12" apart. Two rows of mats can be placed side-to-side for 36" to 48" wide beds.

TreeDiaper Around Raised Garden Bed